Oklahoma D-Day 2009 live streaming video

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Oklahoma D-Day 2009 live streaming video

Post  Prowler on Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:57 am

Live Video Streaming of Oklahoma D-Day 2009

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce Oklahoma D-Day 2009, the biggest paintball event in the world...and our sponsorship of streaming video that brings the event to your computer! Want to show your friends and family back home what it's all about? Can't make it out yourself? This year you can watch the complete Oklahoma D-Day 2009 event live, 24/7! The Paintball TV Network will be streaming the entire event, as it happens, so no matter where you are you can catch what's going on at D-Day 2009!

This is your chance to see what you're missing...or catch the action across the field! The Oklahoma D-Day 2009 live streaming video will cover drama both on the field and off the field. You will have firsthand views of the action...without getting shot to pieces. Live scores and updates will also be announced. Stop by RAP4 booth #13 and booth #21, where we'll have cameras set up so you can say "Hi" to your friends and family at home...and everyone else watching around the world!
Real Action Paintball is the exclusive sponsor of live video streaming for Oklahoma D-Day 2009. Two new Real Action Paintball products will be debuting exclusively at D-Day 2009. If you are not attending the event - get on the live stream to get a glimpse of what's to come this season from RAP4.

RAP4 will have an onsite store at Oklahoma D-Day 2009, with thousands of products, sneak previews of new gear, and knowledgeable staff to get you into the game like never before. See you at D-Day!

The feed link will be provided as soon as RAP4 has its setup planned. RAP4 is simply letting people know they will be hosting a live feed to the event, but keep an eye on www.rap4.com for details as it gets closer.


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