July,11,2009 defending charly

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July,11,2009 defending charly Empty July,11,2009 defending charly

Post  shield on Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:29 pm

We were almost sure that the PATRIOTS were not going to go over the ridge but just in case I went with a three man squad to flank them from behind when they went down the path and/or if the were to go over the ridge than we would engage them from where we were. As predicted they did not go over the ridge so as we started to flank them when combat was engaged I saw my dad walk by me because he was out. I didnt think of the fact that he was going to recycle and he new where I was and he has been dying to light me up all day. So everything seemed to be going ok, I had my attention on a person on the other team who was in front of me and Ray when all the sudden a yellow paintball exactly like the ones me my dad, Jay, and me were using then a second later I herd a full auto go off like seven time in a row I was hit in the back mabye more, it was my dad!!!! He had gotton what he wanted he compleatly painted me and that was that.
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July,11,2009 defending charly Empty Re: July,11,2009 defending charly

Post  The General on Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:33 am

An absolutely CLASSIC moment! I love It!
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