Tippmann History

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Tippmann History

Post  Prowler on Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:42 pm

Introduced in 1986
Tippmann's first gun and the first semi-auto paintball gun ever.
Also the first paintball gun with a large refillable CO2 Tank. This gun
was to far ahead of its time and banned on most fields.

Introduced in the Late 80's
Designed to replace the SMG-60. This gun was built to use the
more popular .68 caliber paintballs.

Introduced in the Late 80's
Tippmann's first pump gun. Designed to match the technology of the
time. This pump gun was allowed at all fields and tournaments.

68 Special
Introduced in the July 90
This gun was the first Gravity fed semi-auto paintball gun ever made.
Almost all current paintball guns today are derived from this design.

SL-68 II
Introduced in January 91
Designed to replace the SL-68, this gun was the longest running
Tippmann gun. Production stopped in 2003

Introduced in April 92
Designed to replace the 68 Special. More efficient, lighter weight and designed using CAD software.

Introduced in January 94
Developed to replace Pro/Am. Reduced price significantly
by going to plastic injection molded parts.

Factory FA
Introduced in December 95
This fully automatic, gravity fed paintball gun was the
first to use the Cyclone Feed System. This gun was too
technical and production was stopped in late 1996

68 Carbine
Introduced in Nov 1996
very similar to the Pro-lite
But first to use the CVX gun value system

Model 98
Introduced in September 1998
first die cast gun designed to reduce cost
and increase production. Production stopped
in late 2000 and restarted in late 2001 for Wal-Mart.

Pro Carbine
Introduced in March 1999
this gun was a merger of the
best features of the Pro-lite and 68 carbine.

98 Custom
Introduced in November 2000
Designed to replace Model 98 with
more features in the receiver so the gun
could be customized by the consumer easily.

Introduced in April 2002
Designed with cyclone feed
System and easy to field strip
With no tools.

Model 98 Custom Pro
Introduced in 2005

Introduceed in 2006
Blister pack starter marker package for WalMart. UGLY!
Semi-automatic.68 caliber paintball gun with an integrated expansion chamber.

Introduced in Oct 2006
PEP Technology (propane-enhanced performance) pump marker.

Introduced in 2007

US Army Alpha Black
Introduced in 2008

Introduced in August 2009
Semi auto clip fed pistol.

US Army Project Salvo
Introduced in June 2009

rereleased Sept 2009
Updated feed neck to accept modern hoppers.

X7 Phenom
December 2009
with FlexValve Technology, the first electro-pneumatic paintball marker offered by Tippmann.


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Re: Tippmann History

Post  EvilJr on Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:45 pm

wow good stuff Shocked

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