My newest addition!

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My newest addition! Empty My newest addition!

Post  Prowler on Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:25 pm

The newest addition to my family, courtesy of Dave at Capital Paintball.
It's a 1999 Autococker.
I added the ANS pump kit after I got it from him as a semi with the stock pneus and the Thompson woodstock already attached. Thinking about mocking up a drum mag to mount over the regulator to complete that look. Smile

This is the first gun I have owned that isn't a Sheridan or Tippmann.

Bad cell phone pics atm, I'll update them when I get batteries for the camera. Smile

My newest addition! 99wgpsniper

My newest addition! 99wgpsniperagain

My newest addition! Carprowlersig
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