Tru-Feed Straight Stack magazine for the TPX

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Tru-Feed Straight Stack magazine for the TPX

Post  Prowler on Mon May 24, 2010 7:46 pm

Tippmann is pleased to announce a new Tru-Feed Straight Stack magazine for the TPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol. This new design holds 7-balls instead of the traditional 8-balls. We understand that the staggered design of the original 8-ball magazine may not be ideal in every situation or paint choice. Depending on variables such as paint, temperature and humidity, the 8-ball magazine could potentially experience feed issues. To ensure that every TPX Pistol operates perfectly out of the box, we made the decision to include the new 7-ball Tru-Feed magazine, rather than the staggered 8-ball magazine, with TPX Pistols. This change will be effective immediately.

Over the last few months Tippmann has made a number of changes to the TPX Pistol that has given the end user a wider variety of CO2 cartridges and paintballs. This final change will now take the performance of the TPX to a new level. Although there is a reduction of one paintball, players will find that a wider variety of paintball types can now be used with the TPX Pistol. This new 7-ball magazine will also be available in a traditional two-pack accessory. Both the pistol and accessory packaging will feature the new TPX Tru-Feed logo. In addition, we will continue offering the staggered 8-ball magazine as an accessory for those players who place importance on the additional capacity or may not be experiencing any feed issues based on the paint they use or the weather in which they play.


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