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Post  Nikepro25 on Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:40 am

Hey guys im Paul and was curious about how to get involved with you guys, John (Jaan) from PW paintball had told me about you guys and told me to introduce myself to you and he had also metioned that there was a game comming up for the end this month i dont know anything about it so if someone could give some details and one of those invites i would appreciate it!

(P.S. I also have a friend of mine that is interested in joining, he is thinking about introducing himself to you guys but is waiting to see how it goes with me first so any feedback would be greatly appreciated + i can convince him to join up)

Thanks- Paul

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Post  Prowler on Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:02 pm

Hello Paul,
We run renegade games on private property in Exeter, Rhode Island.
We alternate between Scenario games and what we call Tactical Training.

Our scenarios are mission based story games where the result of one game effects the next.
These games sometimes include specialized roles, props or hidden objectives.
The current storyline has been ongoing since 2008, and is available in the mission archive forum.

Tactical Training is made up of short, single elimination games such as Patrol and Ambush, Opposing Patrols (meeting engagements), and static defense and attack games.

These are private, invite only events, although invited guests (SCAR members) ARE allowed to bring guests of their own.
Harass Jaan to bring you along on Sept 4th, which is our next scheduled Tactical Training game.

We look forward to meeting you!

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