List your gear!

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List your gear!

Post  Prowler on Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:57 am

Here's my current list of markers:

1 Tippmann A5 (Serial #019041)
Hull Effect E-Trigger with external fire selector switch
Expansion Chamber
Flatline Barrel
X7 Low Profile Hopper

1 Tippmann 98 Custom (Serial #398042)
Cyclone Feed
X7 Low Profile Hopper
Response Trigger
Apex AK-47 Barrel
Folding Stock
Vertical Bottle Adaptor

3 Tippmann Pro-Lites (Serial #'s 29752, 37821, and 91810)

1 Tippmann SL68 Pump (Serial #4831)
WGP Ammo Box 40 Rnd Hopper

1 Tippmann Model 98 (Serial #16412)
Armson Stealth A5 Barrel
M98 to A5 barrel adaptor

1 Sheridan K2 Bolt Action Rifle ("The Devil's Brass" - Serial # B 00666)

1 Sheridan PGP Pump Pistol (pre 2k, non cartridge valve) (Serial #D00701957)
PMI Rubber Grips
Rear Velocity Adjuster

1 Sheridan Piranha LB Pump
PMI Rubber Grips
40 Round Pocket Hopper

1 Sheridan P68 SC Pump
Rear Velocity Adjuster
Extended co2 knob
Crossman 1399 Stock

1 WGP '99 Right Feed Sniper Pump (Serial #38924)
Thompson Wood Stock
ANS GEAR pre 2k Pump Kit

1 Nelspot 007 Pump Pistol

2 Tippmann TPX mag fed Pistols

1 Tiberius Arms T4 mag fed Rifle

Click HERE for photos

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Re: List your gear!

Post  EvilJr on Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:20 pm

Tippman 98 Custom
Flatline Barrel

Psychoballistics Superbolt Pump
Check-it Pump Kit

Tippmann Project Salvo
Response Trigger
Cyclone Feed

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